Children... an amazing gift and a honored responsibility

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I just wanted to take a few moments and honor my children and thank God for trusting me with their care. I know that every parent thinks their kids are the best but I am truly blessed with four of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Heres a little about each one...


Brittany Henley Tesenair

Brittany was born in '89 and is the creative, sensitive one of the bunch.  She is currently living on campus at University of South Florida where she is majoring in Psycholoogy.  We miss her being around the house.

Ariel Mae Tesenair

Ariel is 19 years old and she is driven and determined.  We used to joke that she was going to own her own business one day.  She is currently attending Brevard Community College with plans to become an elementary school teacher.

Daniel Leon Tesenair III

Daniel was born in 1998.  He is creative, thoughtful, and is the comic in the crew.  "They say I'm a looker!" he says.  I love you, kiddo.

Micah Dean Tesenair

Surprise!  We were blessed with this amazing addition to our family in January of 2010.  Yep.  That's right.  We have two in college and one in diapers.  It's amazing how much personality an 8 month old can have.

I'll update this post later with more information on each of them.  I love my children with all my heart and I thank God, my wife and my wonderful parents for their strength, support and guidance